About Us

Hello! I’m Sarah Jo and I have been developing the Re-SPECTS Being.Com model of viewing human being and relating throughout my life and work experience as an artist, author, teacher, psychotherapist and specialist advisory education professional.

I’ve worked in primary, secondary and further education settings in East London schools and home tutoring for 25 years, developing a range of leadership, management, outreach and local authority advisory teaching experience and qualification.  My specialisms are in the areas of Social, Emotional and Mental Health, Behaviour Management, Inclusive Education, Special Educational Needs and Disability, Integrative Therapy, Art Therapy, plus The Use Of Arts Therapeutically In Education.  I’ve researched topics such as: the implementation of SEMH provisions supporting students transitioning from primary to secondary school; measures for assessing SEMH progress following outreach intervention for students in KS2; the impact of developmental trauma upon character style; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder;  therapeutic responses to the experience of trauma following terrorist attack and prolonged civil conflict; plus the therapeutic role of empathy-and-challenge from intra-personal, interpersonal and cultural perspectives, influenced by levels of positive-and-negative prejudice.

Re-SPECTSBeing.Com is a model of viewing human relating, where social interaction and communication involves physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual elements of human being and experience that is creative and transformational.